Friday, March 11, 2011

Carnival Atmosphere

Chess Renaissance Faire
Hey! The Pied Chessman is featured in this month's chess carnival hosted by Blunderprone! As his blog is touted as the chess blogger's History Channel, it's only appropriate that George's host month is dedicated as a renaissance faire theme. You can also find the carnival on Our carnival entry is the post on Opposite Colored Bishops.

Also this week the Pied Chessman has the honor of a special mention by Mark Weeks in his survey of blog postings on As the game viewer is used exclusively on this blog, all of the game material used is first posted at (under my handle SirIvanhoe). Thanks for the shout-out Mark. Here's back at you with adding your blog to my blogroll and a recommendation that my readers should check out what you've got to say. It's worth reading.

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