Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maroczy and Vidmar follow Morphy and Max Lange

Geza Maroczy
Milan Vidmar
Today's puzzle on came from this interesting game between Geza Maroczy and Milan Vidmar. A straightforward Italian Game opening is answered with a Two Knights Defense and Morphy's push with d4 leads to the standard starting position of the Max Lange Attack. Classic stuff. Accurate play is absolutely necessary for Black to hang in, and Vidmar's 11...Bf8 leads to ruin. Follow along with the gamescore below:

Paul Morphy
Max Lange

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can I Have That Chess 2 Go?

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Get In There!

Did you know that in the last T4545 League tournament there were 469 players from 48 countries playing on 124 teams? Did you know that there are no entry fees? Did you know that there are sections for every skill level from beginner to expert? Did you know that you only have to play one game per week? Did you know that you get to schedule your games when it is convenient for you? Get in there!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Team is Born

Well, I've taken the plunge and decided to start a new team for the T4545 league. I've discovered that the limiting factor in the number of under-1400 teams is the availability of lower rated players, and so players in the 1500+ neighborhood are abundant, but are seldom asked to join a team. The solution? Start a new team!

The team is called Knights of the Square Board and the core 4 players are now in place. The line-up looks like this:

Board 1 - SirIvanhoe
Board 2 - LeanSixSigma
Board 3 - drsigmund1
Board 4 - lawth3

Our team is rather international and represents 3 countries: the U.S., Brazil, and Argentina. I will still be playing as the 3rd board on my original team in the under-1600 section, Knights of Ni. I will also be available as a substitute player for Don't Throw in the Tal in the under-1800 section and will be playing the first week. Games begin on November 8. It's going to be a busy season!!!