Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Day at the Chess Club

Well yeah. Of course they look familiar. It's the Emberton family from Elizabethtown! Imagine going to St. Louis to see the chess club, sittitng down for a game, and then thinking "gee, those boys sure look a lot like the ones from the Hardin County Kids Chess Club". Then I saw the rest of the familly and realized "they really are the boys from the Hardin County Kids Chess Club!"

Then I look up from my board and see a very familiar chess face, Jennifer Shahade! How gracious she was to have her photo taken with me just to prove to everyone at the club back home that I actually saw her. She was busy today teaching other women how to play chess.

The club building has three levels. The lower level houses the library along with a lecture room. Hmmm, maybe we need a real library room like this one!

The top floor was a spacious and quite attractive playing area. Imagine playing under the watchful eyes of Capablanca!

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