Friday, February 4, 2011

Ivanchuk Wins at Gibraltar

Vassily Ivanchuk (photo by John Saunders)
 Nigel Short scored an impressive win with the Black pieces against the higher rated Viktor Bologan, but it wasn't enough to keep Vassily Ivanchuk from defeating Daniel Fridman to win the 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters. The final winning record was an exciting 9 points in 10 rounds!

Varuzhan Akobian and Alexander Onischuk scored well for the U.S. securing 25th and 26th place finishes with 6.5 points. Anna Zatonskih matched their performance to finish 31st for our team. Ray Robson scored 6, Irina Krush scored 5.5, Andrie Zaremba and Paul Szuper scored 5, and Justin Sarkar and Hana Itkis scored 4.5 in fine performances for the American team.

A fine performance by Viktor Korchnoi was spoiled when he missed a win at move 29 of the 10th round against Francisco Vallejo Pons. See analysis of that game in the daily tournament media release here (MS Word document). Check out the crosstables here.

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