Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Game #8 - Velimirovic vs. Vadasz - Tallinn 1977

Town Hall Square, Tallinn, Estonia
The Random Game feature at is a handy way to broaden your chess education. You never know what's going to pop up. You may see a famous classic, or maybe a subtle modernity, or maybe a true obscurity. You might even find a diamond in the rough that nobody else has spotted.

Today's game is between Dragoljub Velimirovic and Laszlo Vadasz. If you aren't familiar with the names, these players are both grandmasters (though Vadasz died in 2005). Both gained their titles in the 70's before this game, so you might expect that they were near the height of their chess powers.

Of special interest in this game is an opening that is not often seen, the Symmmetrical Variation of the Hungarian Opening. If you enjoy the random game idea you can try it yourself here.

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