Friday, February 18, 2011

Timely Tactics #2 - Luka Lenic vs. Le Quang Liem

Hotel Izmailovo, site of the Aeroflot Open 2011
Some moves are harder to see than others. All chessplayers depend on patterns they recognize to shortcut their way to the correct move. But some moves just hide from our attempts to visualize. Moving a piece back to it's original square or sacrificing a queen are examples.

Here we see Le Quang Liem play a move that must have come as a shock to his opponent Luka Lenic in this position from the 3rd round of the recently completed Aeroflot Open in Moscow. Le Quang Liem was the winner of the tournament, defending his win from last year. Lenic has just played 42.Rxb7. What did he miss?

See if you can spot the move, then play over the whole game score after the break.

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