Saturday, February 26, 2011

Random Game #16 - Benaddi vs. Tamimi - Gibraltar Masters 2005

The Random Game feature at is a handy way to broaden your chess education. You never know what's going to pop up. You may see a famous classic, or maybe a subtle modernity, or maybe a true obscurity. You might even find a diamond in the rough that nobody else has spotted.

Today's game between Mohsine Benaddi and Hamad Al Tamimi was played in the 4th round of the Gibraltar Masters tournament in 2005. Neither player is FIDE titled, though Al Tamimi earned an IM norm at this event. It was a five-way tie for first that year. This game is a good example to show that 15 moves of opening theory gets you nothing but maybe a chance. Even at the expert and master levels of FIDE play, a straight tactic, a checkmate pattern decides the whole game. The two players expertly contest an interesting line in the Caro-Kann, but after a single move without checking to make sure of safety, White loses the game in an instant. Definitely material for a Dan Heisman lesson.

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