Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Game #11 - Cochrane vs. Mohishunder - Calcutta 1850

Calcutta in 1850
 The Random Game feature at chessgames.com is a handy way to broaden your chess education. You never know what's going to pop up. You may see a famous classic, or maybe a subtle modernity, or maybe a true obscurity. You might even find a diamond in the rough that nobody else has spotted.

Today's game was played in Calcutta in 1850. John Cochrane, a Scottish lawyer and White in this game, lent his name to the Cochrane Gambit in the Petroff Defense, a line these two played many times. Bonnerjee Mohishunder served as Black in this game, but eludes my efforts to find his history except that he was described as a Brahmin and favored the fiianchetto. Our score begins with the Center Game.

Try to solve this puzzle from the game first, before reviewing the game score below.

If you enjoy the random game idea you can try it yourself here.

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  1. very interesting. it would be great to have some more info about either player as there's something magical about the idea of these 2 playing all those games in india all those years ago...